Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment is a significant focus of the international and domestic NGO community. We focus on the Common Ground Approach and Alternative Dispute Resolution approach to ensure that local governments and administration are included as part of the solution to greater youth inclusion, rather than sidelined as adversaries. We also promote a peer-to-peer approach and truly youth-led methodologies, and focus on developing soft skills (rather than technical skills) through mentorship, coaching, and “learning by doing.”.

Women’s Empowerment

While there are a number of local and international NGOs working on women’s empowerment within the Moroccan context, there remains a significant amount of competition among them, particularly among local women’s CSOs and Associations Féminines. AOCG focuses on promoting the collaboration approach among them and encourage the efforts of building coalitions and networking.

Transforming Violent Extremism (TVE)

Our approach to TVE focuses on addressing root causes, and conducting highly localized researches. We focus on building a “community of practice” linking international and local researchers and practitioners and working with local civil society to implement initiatives with communities. In this way, we can impart the common ground approach to TVE at the theoretical level of research and programming while also building the capacity of local civil society to implement according to these values.

Penitentiary System Reform

Our work in this area focuses on building the capacity of local CSOs to work within prisons or with former inmates to promote social reintegration, to lead campaigns aimed at destigmatizing former inmates, and to provide mediation services for inmates and their families.

Peace Building and Conflict transformation

Our work on peace building and conflict transformation focuses on creating a community of best practices, training, and resources that can enhance the efforts of other actors as well as feed into the other themes we work on. These trainings and resources will be specific to the Moroccan context.

Child Protection

Our work on child protection in Morocco aims at ensuring that the efforts of local and international actors to protect children are well illustrated at the community level, achieving maximum quality and impact.